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The Digital Growth Concept

Updated: May 11, 2021

In the next coming weeks I gonna share my startup challenges I have been recently facing before and during my go to market.

You will learn how my data-driven concept results in scalable, repeatable, and sustainable growth, because

  • it keeps me in focus,

  • I don’t waste my time, energy and money on unnecessary things,

  • but most importantly, all decisions I make are driven by data.

So the future becomes predictable.

The Growth-Cycle Concept

The applicability of the concept lies in its simplicity!

The nature of this concept is, that it forces data and information out of me, where and when it’s necessary.

How it happens?

By answering three questions each time, when a new startup challenge comes to picture:
  1. Why?

  2. How?

  3. What?

The answer to WHY tells why to tackle this particular challenge? What’s your purpose?

Do to forget, that the Goal justifies the HOW. The result grows into the Core Value.

The answer to HOW identifies the knowledge, skills, and tools to solve the given task. ...which are all grow into Core Competences.

The answer to WHAT is the tangible result of the growth, as a new piece of the Core technologies.

There are a few easy techniques to find answers with the right combinations of research and analysis.

See, as long as your answers are incomplete, you growth will stall, or will be missing long term opportunities.

Let me showcase in the upcoming videos, how I executed scalable, repeatable and sustainable growth by using the RACE Growth concept the right way.

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