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Business People Mingling

My Projects.

A few projects & services I built are sold, or out of market, while some are still operating and growing.

I strive to achieve things in my life that create lasting value and joy.

This project came along when I was researching the stem cell market worldwide. 

I have to admit that I fall in love at first glance. This is something that I can make a substantial positive impact on people.


Since I became a certified business coach in 2009, I've conducted a few 1000 coaching hours. In recent years I have seen a trend of involving coachees' digital challenges.

I'm honored to teach Digital Transformation at ELTE PPK Institute of Psychology, the most prestigious State University in Hungary. I aim to share all my practical experiences with newbies on how to face digital challenges and turn their knowledge to cash.

Nasdaq Milestone Maker

I am delighted to be one of the founder Coaches of Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center Milestone Maker  Program started in 2017. The goal is to help 2.000 technology startups to enter the American market with the help of the program massive resources.

I coach technology startups about going to the US market and grow data-driven. Milestone Maker Program links amazing people.

Nasdaq Entrepreneuar Center.png

Digital Growth Agency

Datamindly is the extension of my data-driven mind. Using R.A.C.E. growth framework we produce data-driven digital strategies for startup and corporate clients of mine. Datamindly has as many happy customers as capacity we had. Diversity from all over the world. 


When I was a teenager, I dreamed about a restaurant. Growing up, I became more passionate about FoodTech, food innovation, coffee, and wine. So, I took the opportunity, and opened up my 100 seat Spanish Tapas Bar Style restaurant in Gozsdu Courtyard in downtown Budapest in 2013. Then I learned what a unique feeling is to meet 100 different happy customers each night. Good food must not be a privilege.

Six months after opening, visitors were booking tables for 2 weeks in advance. That's the mean.


This project was a given. It comes truly from my heart to connect education with the leaders of the digital industry. In 2013 we built the first of its kind digital learning curriculum and licenced a Private School in Hungary. Business people and thought leaders shared their knowledge and opinion with CONCILiUM students on the same platform.

Open Innovation

Findlost24 enabled people to recover their missing valuables within critical time.

​Pain: There are hundred thousand of missing valuables (missing persons, lost pets, pocket valuables and stolen vehicles) in every single moment. Current solutions could not provide better success rate of recovery than 10%.

Solution: By using findlost24 location based app hundreds of people were sharing lost & found information nearby.

Technology: Findlost24 location based app Version 2.0 is available in 18 languages on native iOS and Android platforms.

Traction: 4000 user, 18 languages iOS and Android native MVP version 2.0, Customer validation (successfully recovered stolen bike, lost&found service on events)


  • Winner of TVLP Silicon Valley Pitch Competition

  • San Francisco 2015, Winner of UCL Pitch competition

  • London 2015, Winner of UCL APP Lab Competition London 2015,

  • Top 3 GradFactor Pitch Competition London 2015,

  • In Top 10 European ICT Challenge Competition Milan 2015,

  • Winner of Live Sharks Tank Pitch Competition San Francisco 2016.

State Appreciation Balint Vojnits.png

Startup Mentor

Social responsibility has long been established in me. The best way I could support the development of the domestic startup ecosystem is by coaching and training startup entrepreneurs. Some of the startups I trained achieved international recognitions. I received this appreciation from the National Research, Development and Innovation Office of Hungary for my 4 years of volunteer work.

Recruitment & Org. Development

I founded my first startup in 2001 and made an exit in 2013. Human Value International was specialized in custom recruitment and organization development projects. By 2005, HVI presented in 5 countries led by 5 country managers and employed 38 people. We built entire companies from scratch in 15 different business sectors, and conducted over 500 organizational restructuring.

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