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How I Prototyped my Digital Product

Updated: May 11, 2021

Product building started by exploring possible ways of the user interface, user experience,

and technical requirements of the execution.


Core Values - WHY

My goal was to search for a suitable cloud-based digital tool to support my design thinking process for properly testing and exploring my idea before too many resources get used.

This is “why” I’m doing it.

In this upcoming traction show, I will share how I turned my idea to a prototype

and started to build the foundation of my Core Technology.


Core Competences - HOW

To achieve my goal, I searched for a proper cloud-based web application

that met my requirements.

App Features I was looking for were:

  • User Interface templates for website & mobile,

  • Drag & drop editor without coding,

  • Real-Time Editing,

  • UI prototyping framework,

  • Cloud-based collaboration,

  • Data linking option,

  • Well-created “how to use it” tutorials,

  • And if it’s possible to use a free plan.

My shortlist included




and my final choice was

All of them have pros and cons, and they differ from User Interface.

Moqups’ Tutorials took me about 20 hours to become a confident user of the App, and after that, It took me another 50 hours to craft my mockup. I have to admit that I already had

years of experience with several non-coding, drag & drop website builder applications

such as Wordpress and Wix.

So, I started to build my low-resolution wireframe.

I could upload my elements and images, and I could also use templates to get stuff going even more quickly.

Finally, I got my mockup.

Moqups Application offers a free plan for one project limited to 200 objects

and 5Mb of storage. Tutorials can be found on their Official YouTube channel:

Based on my experience, to build wireframes and mockups effectively,

it’s recommended to acquire a few digital skills such as:

Data-driven web Research,

Design thinking,

and reverse engineering approach,

Although I started to acquire all necessary skills during my studies and projects

with the number one experts in Silicon Valley in the past years, I’m still learning.


Core Technology - WHAT

After two weeks, I finally had my preview of how the idea could look and function in the real world. That’s also the added value element to my core, and my growth.

Find a pdf attached with my annotations explaining the goals and whys of each page.

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