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How I Rank high on Google

Updated: May 11, 2021

So, it was obvious that if I wanted to gain search traffic to my website, I needed to optimize all my digital properties for this purpose.

In this video I’ll show how I tell Google exactly what it needs to show always relevant content to my target group.

Well, Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a giant topic. It reminds me of a never-ending painting, when I constantly adjust the big picture by adding new shades all the time.

First and foremost, each page of the website is built as an individual funnel, targeting different visitors, for different purposes. This strategy boosts the relevancy of the content. 

WHY (Core Value)

To achieve my goals, I needed to plan each page for both Google robots and visitors to understand the contexts. For this, There are a few components on a website that translate to both visitors and  telling Google what the webpage is about.

1.      Page title,

2.     Subtitles,

3.      Navigation,

4.      Keywords,

5.      Site links,

6. Meta tags

6.    Call to Action

are providing accessibility for each page.


The “Call to Action” is the my starting point of structuring every page, because it is equal with the goal of the page. Call to action is also the “why” of a particular webpage.

The “call to action” justifies how I support visitors through navigation,

Highlighted keywords and links to end the journey and step forward in the engagement process.

So, what about the Content itself?

The ecosystem I’ve been building contains several websites, where content is generated by users, about a specific, niche topic. That ensures that I always have relevant, unique, and authentic content.

Site members can publish skyscraper blogs, video vlogs and podcasts.

All the trendiest formats of today.

Automation assisting Creators

To make sure that generated content always stays optimized, we built an SEO assistant intelligence that allows our creative creators to focus on their great story but not on SEO metrics.

How I became authoritative

Last but not least, I need to be authoritative. With other words, I need to become one of the most valued websites for my target groups.

How it works?

When highly valued websites start referring to my site, Google will recognize it, and place my website on the top of all relevant search results.

The SEO hack

To get significant numbers of referring links from the most authoritative keyword competitors, I needed a trick.

I get referral backlinks by providing value added service to our partners e-commerce product pages.

Through interactive Widgets that are fixed on our partners’ e-commerce product pages.

When visitors click through the widget, it pops up previewing the content and linking back to my relevant pages.

Traffic through those links indicates Google that My content gives value for the customers of my partners.

WHAT (Core technology)

After implementing this kind of data-driven SEO strategy, I create a high level of accessibility, relevancy, and a stable authority.

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